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Licensed and Insured

Before choosing a moving company, always make sure that the company has a license and insurance, this will protect you from fraud and financial losses.

RLM is licensed and insured. Our clients feel confident and calm.

We are fully responsible for the safety of your belongings.


Fragile and Expensive Items

RLM is solely responsible for the safety of your belongings. Therefore, we pay special attention to the packaging of fragile and expensive items. If necessary, we pack in soft blankets, film and boxes. All items are also insured.


The Cost of Moving

How is the cost of moving formed?

  • Type of cargo. Large items, such as furniture, require more attention and time than items in boxes.
  • Number of loaders. Surcharge goes over two specialists.
  • Time spent on work. Three hours are already included in the price.
  • Distance over 10 miles.
  • Day of the week. Days from Friday to Sunday and dates from 25 to 5 will come out a little more expensive.
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