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Moving Tips

  1. When transporting furniture, unload all shelves. The furniture is transported empty, this is a safety technique and less load on the movers.
  2. Put things in boxes of the same size and no more than 20 kg per box. This will allow you to stack the boxes on top of each other and take away on the share, which will save time and efficiency for each mover.
  3. Prepare truck parking for loading and unloading. It’s great to save
  4. Small items such as dishes or clothes can be packed by yourself.
  5. Place a reserve on the freight elevator.

Apartment Moving Without Nerve

Moving you and your family can be both a bright and difficult event in life. This is not an easy task that takes time, careful planning, organization and packaging.

The knowledge and experience of RLM will relieve you and your family of anxiety, stress and save time for a speedy adaptation to a new place.

You’ll get:

  • A personal Certified Move Coordinator
  • Free in-home or virtual estimates
  • Certified pack and load teams
  • Crating and un-crating services for high-value items
  • Valuation Coverage/ Full value protection

Leave a request and get the best offer.


Office Move

We know the challenges and stress managers and employees face when moving to another office.

Time is money, it must be done quickly and efficiently.

RLM will make the move cost-effective for your business.

You’ll get:

  • Dedicated relocation coordination
  • Move Sequence and Planning
  • Employee responsibility
  • Packing Instructions

You will only have to update the information on the site and notify partners and customers about your new location.

Leave a request and get the best offer.

Couple searching the Web for apartment redecoration ideas while moving in together

Moving Companies

Finding the perfect moving company can be a real headache. Thousands of complaints are registered every year:

  • damage and theft of property
  • hidden fees
  • being late
  • non-compliance with the declared service
  • Start with recommendations from colleagues, friends, relatives.
  • Study the reviews, write to these people, find out their experience.
  • Check with several companies. They will conduct a survey, find out the scope of work, deadlines, and your wishes. You will find out the cost, and how professionally each of their companies approached the survey.
  • Make sure the mover is
  • Read the contract carefully
  • Take inventory of items
  • Pay by card and make sure you receive a receipt

And if you are still in search, then our team of professionals will get rid of all the problems and make the best offer.



Your health and safety is always a priority for our company.

Corona virus protection concept flat lay.
And a couple of tips for you:
  • If you feel unwell, please let us know
  • Do not physically contact our specialists
  • Clean up before and after moving

Let’s make moving safe together


Licensed and Insured

Before choosing a moving company, always make sure that the company has a license and insurance, this will protect you from fraud and financial losses.

RLM is licensed and insured. Our clients feel confident and calm.

We are fully responsible for the safety of your belongings.


Fragile and Expensive Items

RLM is solely responsible for the safety of your belongings. Therefore, we pay special attention to the packaging of fragile and expensive items. If necessary, we pack in soft blankets, film and boxes. All items are also insured.


The Cost of Moving

How is the cost of moving formed?

  • Type of cargo. Large items, such as furniture, require more attention and time than items in boxes.
  • Number of loaders. Surcharge goes over two specialists.
  • Time spent on work. Three hours are already included in the price.
  • Distance over 10 miles.
  • Day of the week. Days from Friday to Sunday and dates from 25 to 5 will come out a little more expensive.
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